Nexys A7

  • Nexys A7 100T Development Board

    The Nexys A7 100T is an FPGA development board by Digilent.

    In the early design phases it was meant to become the standard mainboard for the MEGA65 (together with the DM65pic Widgetboard).

    During development, the decision do develop a dedicated MEGA65 mainboard was made, and the Mainboard R1 was designed (and later the R2 respectively).

    The Nexys A7 features an Artix-7 FPGA (by Xilinx), 128MB DDR2 Memory, a microSD Card slot, a VGA port and heaps of IO and whatnot (see the official reference).

    With the MD65pic Widgetboard attached, Commodore keyboards, joysticks, etc. can be used with the Nexys A7.

    [more information to come]