Featured Improving the MEGA65 Audio Mixer

This past week we have been working on improving some of the cross-development tooling that we use, which I will write about soon. But for now there is nothing really visible to show. So I will instead share with you the work I did today on getting the MEGA65 Audio Mixer that is accessed from the Freeze Menu more user friendly.

We now have some nice decibel logarithmic volume scales, and a bunch of friendly controls for controlling overall volume level, as well as selecting stereo/mono, and swapping left/right channels. You can also use the up/down cursor keys to pick a particular element and left/right cursor keys to change the values. You can also press T and it will play a few musical notes through the four SIDs, alternating left and right, so that you can more easily verify that the settings are sensible, and not left/right swapped.

All up, it now feels like an interface that the average user could use, especially compared with the previous proof-of-concept audio mixer. Just in case you can't remember or haven't seen just how "user feindly" the previously one was, here is a reminder:

While it is technically more powerful (as you can set every coefficient in the full-cross-bar audio mixer separately), you really need to know what you are doing to avoid instant and prolonged confusion.